• Me, A Decade in Review 2009 – 2019

    Personally and professionally, my twenties were almost an entirely wasted decade. Wasted time, wasted opportunities, and wasted mental space. My thirties dragged me into adulthood at warp speed, and I spent most of that decade catching up on life, making up for past transgressions, digging myself new holes, and getting myself out of those holes […]

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  • One Word Resolution, 2020

    One Word Resolution, 2020

    We all know what I think of Laura Lippman in general, but one thing she’s done in recent years that makes me (almost) forgive her for everything is is encourage people to condense their dreams and goals and fears and hopes for the new year into a one word resolution. I’ve really enjoyed this and […]

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  • Hey, We Have a New House

    Hey, We Have a New House

    Long time readers here will know there has been no love lost between me and my old house. We got a great deal on it as a foreclosure, and we always intended to fix it up quickly and then move on to something bigger, but, well, here we are more than a decade later and […]

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  • MERCENARY: The First Two Pages

    MERCENARY: The First Two Pages

    I’m pleased today to be over at Art Taylor‘s site with a First Two Pages essay about my story from the Go-Go’s anthology edited by Holly West about my attempts–some successful, some not so–at writing authentic non-white, non-male characters. http://www.arttaylorwriter.com/2019/03/26/the-first-two-pages-mercenary-by-bryon-quertermous/?fbclid=IwAR27d27Hq7whLhJP6Xpulzn9CdFo1AwwjIs6yix_2ONLvidrLdVisnr8Stw

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  • One Word Resolution, 2019

    One Word Resolution, 2019

    Every year Laura Lippman does a one word resolution challenge and I really like the idea. Instead of coming up with a task list of dubious usefulness, it takes all of the swirling ideas and thought and inspirations in my head and solidifies them around one solid theme. So this year my word is QUALITY. […]

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  • RIP Aunt Agatha’s

    RIP Aunt Agatha’s

    My first visit to Aunt Agatha’s Mystery Bookshop corresponded to my first visit to Ann Arbor when friends from my Flint-area high school theater and choir program trekked out to our closest cultural mecca. They went to find music stores and other quaint shops, I navigated my way (poorly) toward Fourth Avenue where I knew […]

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