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  • People (Who Need People)
    “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” – Jule Styne and Bob Merrill Since it’s February and we’re thinking about love, I wanted to tackle one of the most enduring toxic literary tropes, especially for men – the lonely … Read more
  • Everybody’s Gotta Be Somewhere
    Happy New Year! I know it’s weird to still say that more than halfway through the month, but because of vacation and illness I got a late start to the new year. Then we had a holiday yesterday so today really feels like … Read more
  • Something Just Broke
    I’m not very big on regret, but I’ve been thinking a LOT lately about wasted opportunities. There was a recent opportunity I had that I really thought was going to change the trajectory of my career, and it did sort of. But after … Read more
  • Magic to Do
    In my last post I mentioned coming back from Bouchercon and being excited to write again, but even though that was sort of true, I still couldn’t get any traction on any of the book projects I tried to work on. So I … Read more
  • Being Alive
    Last month I was able to get back to Bouchercon for the first time in three years and it was just what my soul and creativity needed. I’d been working on the same novel for more than four years before finally abandoning it … Read more
  • Say Hello to Mr Leo
    Sooooo, uh, we drove to the middle of Amish Ohio this morning and brought back a new friend. Say hello to Mr Leo.


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