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  • Comedy Tonight
    The last two months have been rough. At first I thought I had taken on too much and was melting down because of it, but it turns out that toward the middle of September my medicine stopped working. I gained almost all of… Read more: Comedy Tonight
  • It’s a Simple Little System
    After revamping this newsletter to focus on joy and happiness and magic then updating regularly for five months, I disappeared. While this is absolutely a stock move from the ADHD playbook, it had less to do with the immediate effects of my disease… Read more: It’s a Simple Little System
  • People (Who Need People)
    “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” – Jule Styne and Bob Merrill Since it’s February and we’re thinking about love, I wanted to tackle one of the most enduring toxic literary tropes, especially for men – the lonely… Read more: People (Who Need People)
  • Everybody’s Gotta Be Somewhere
    Happy New Year! I know it’s weird to still say that more than halfway through the month, but because of vacation and illness I got a late start to the new year. Then we had a holiday yesterday so today really feels like… Read more: Everybody’s Gotta Be Somewhere
  • Something Just Broke
    I’m not very big on regret, but I’ve been thinking a LOT lately about wasted opportunities. There was a recent opportunity I had that I really thought was going to change the trajectory of my career, and it did sort of. But after… Read more: Something Just Broke
  • Magic to Do
    In my last post I mentioned coming back from Bouchercon and being excited to write again, but even though that was sort of true, I still couldn’t get any traction on any of the book projects I tried to work on. So I… Read more: Magic to Do

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