Piano Man

Apparently having one instrument in the house I can barely play wasn’t enough, so I got one I have *zero* experience with. But I really want to learn how to play classical piano, so why not? It’s a Yamaha P45. I got it from Amazon of all places. It feels and sounds beautiful.

After just a couple of hours fooling around with online lessons, I feel stupid for not pursuing the piano sooner. Because of my years of choral music training, the piano just makes so much more sense to me than the guitar. I can hear and see the music and how it breaks down in a way I never could with the guitar. Bonus: it doesn’t cramp my wrists and give me pain the way playing the guitar did. Finally, I also love how the easy versions of piano songs still sound good and robust in a way easy guitar songs never did.

For the online lessons, I tried Flowkey and Playground Sessions. I vastly preferred Playground Sessions and bought a year-long membership that was on sale.