A Quick Note On Getting Signed Copies Of Murder Boy

I’ve been amazed and humbled by the great reception this book has been getting online and at my events. People who haven’t been able to attend the events though have been asking me about getting signed copies so I wanted to drop a note here about that.

If you’re in the Scottsdale, AZ or Houston, TX areas, the best thing to do is contact Poisoned Pen or Murder by the Book where I left lots of signed stock after my events there. For those in the Flint, MI area the Genesee Valley Barnes & Noble has signed copies for you.

If you live anywhere else or would like a personalized copy you’ll want to contact my local indie store Aunt Agatha’s.  They’ll take your order and send me an email to come in and sign the book when I get a chance and then they’ll mail it to you.

Thanks again for the support!

It’s Book Launch Day!



So it’s lunchtime and you’re on a break at work thinking about what to do tonight and wondering if any of those options will involve cake. YES. My book launch party at Aunt Agatha’s. I realize this may sound like false modesty or self-deprecation, but it’s not. I had another nightmare last night that nobody showed up at my event tonight. So please help me alleviate those fears and come have cake with me and my big extended family tonight at 7pm.

I know I’ve bragged here about how successful my other events have been so far, but this one really freaks me out. First, this is the first one I’ve doing all on my own. When I was in AZ and TX I had two other writers on the ticket with me and when I signed at Barnes and Noble this weekend I had the backing of Educator Appreciation Week to entice visitors to take a chance on me. But this event is all me. And I’m pretty sure Aunt Agatha’s ordered the most copies of any of the other stores which makes me even more nervous. And on top of all of that, this event was supposed to be the first event right on publication day so it would have that new book and new event glow to it. But due to some very awesome circumstances, the book was published two weeks sooner and now I’m afraid everyone will be all Murder Boy-d out and sick of me by now.

Luckily I only have to obsess about this for another 6.5 hours before the verdict will be sealed and I can finally move on.

UPDATE: The event was a great success. Lots of people showed up and more importantly lots of people bought books. Thanks to everyone who came out. I did leave some signed stock behind so contact the store if you’d like to get a copy. Also, look at this cool cake they presented me with:


I Went To Flint For A Book Signing And Sold All My Books: A Recap



That fine looking group of folks showed up early in the morning yesterday to hear me talk about myself and Murder Boy.  I was the kick off speaker for Barnes & Noble Educator Appreciation Week and they are all educators. Apparently they enjoyed my talk because every single one of them bought a copy of Murder Boy after my talk. They liked that I didn’t stand behind a podium and read from my book for an hour. I was surprised I sold that many copies but the lady who organized it must have had bad experiences with authors in the past because she didn’t expect me to sell ANY copies.

After this group broke up I took a break to get a great Flint cheesy double at Halo Burger then came back at 1pm to sell books to the general public. At this point I had about half of the books left that I started with. I knew some family and high school friends would be showing up throughout the day but I was absolutely floored that I sold every single copy within 45 minutes. I actually had to leave the store because people kept coming up to me asking for copies of the book. That one time I met Loren Estleman he told me to always have more copies of the book than you think you’ll need. He was right. I could have sold 20 more without a sweat. But they invited me back for next year so I’ll be sure to bring more books. They’ll also be ordering more soon for me to come in and sign to have on hand.

Now we move on to the big Official Book Launch Party on Tuesday at Aunt Agatha’s. This one I’m really nervous about because that store ordered A LOT of books and I want to sell them all. I’m terrified of being embarrassed by nobody showing up and nobody buying any books. So if you’re within driving distance of Ann Arbor, PLEASE come out on Tuesday April 14 at 7pm!

Two More Guest Posts And A Plea For Reviews


Today is another double dose of guest post goodness from me. First, we have this piece I did for Shelf Pleasure on my disappointment in myself by not going far enough to create great female characters. As I put together this sorta blog tour for Murder Boy I wanted a few of these pieces to tackle substantial, maybe even controversial topics. This is one of those pieces and I’m quite proud of it.

I also took up residence at The Rap Sheet  to talk about how my desire to be the next great PI writer stopped me from working on Murder Boy and nearly paralyzed my writing permanently. It was a hard piece to write and I hope you all enjoy it.

As I’ve worked my way through the promotion gauntlet for Murder Boy, I realize I have no interest in begging for sales, I don’t think it helps and I just can’t bring myself to do it. But I will beg for reviews, specifically Amazon reviews.

Corey Doctorow has said that the biggest danger for writers these days isn’t piracy, it’s obscurity. The BEST way for a writer to battle obscurity is to have a lot of Amazon.com reviews. So if you’ve read Murder Boy please please please go leave a short review. Even if you didn’t like it. Thanks.

Murder Boy is Taking Over Goodreads (Sort Of)



Goodreads is important for authors. Having lots of reviews and lots of readers add your book to their shelves makes a huge difference in new readers finding (and ultimately buying) a book. So in an effort to wrangle the power of Goodreads, my publisher and I are having some fun over there for the next few days.

Starting today, Polis Books will be giving away three signed and personalized copies of Murder Boy that will include a cool swag pack as well.  And to get people over to Goodreads to enter, I will be doing an Ask Me Anything Q&A. While the purpose is to promote Murder Boy, questions can be about anything. Writing, reading, parenting, cooking, guitar, or anything else. Come on by. It’ll be fun.

Deep Breaths, Long Games, And Trying Not To Be Desperate

I had a bit of a panic attack last week on Wednesday. It was the day after the official publication day for Murder Boy and the rush of excitement from that first day had worn off and I realized I had absolutely no idea how to get people to buy copies of my book. I was paralyzed by the duality of wanting to do something, anything I could, and realizing there was nothing I could do to guarantee sales. I eventually calmed myself down, read a few pieces on this subject from folks far smarter than I am, and realized all I can really do is talk about the book when the opportunity presents itself, let folks know where they can buy it, and then work really hard to write another book that is even better than the first one.

But in that moment, I had a moment of sympathy and understanding for everyone I’ve mocked based on desperate sales tactics. I was so close to doing some horribly crass things I would have immediately regretted, but that sense of helplessness is substantial and I suspect I’ll deal with it several more times along this publishing journey. So I ask that everyone has patience with me. I’ll try to keep the right balance, but if I get out of line please let me know (kindly and on the DL preferably) and maybe let’s have a little more empathy with the other authors who come off like flaming twits but are really just trying to sell enough books for their kids to be proud of them.


My First Local Boy Makes Good Story


You’ll notice a lot of the headlines this week start with My First. This wasn’t intentional but rather an outgrowth of my genuine excitement for this fun time in my life. I’m like a kid experiencing an amusement park for the first time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hope I never lose this sense of wonder with this stuff.

And to that end, look at this awesome profile of me from the Flint Journal.

Growing up in the Flint area, I read the Flint Journal all the time and it for the longest time it was the biggest paper I knew about. So to see this great feature they did on me for the publication of Murder Boy is pretty exciting. There are a few minor corrections: I never ran Carina Press, I was a freelance editor for them, and Jason and I were never colleagues, but I love the spirit of the piece and think it’s a nice profile of who I am and how I got where I am today.

Thanks also to Laura Lippman whose blurb is featured quite prominently in the story and really has been a huge inspiration as a writer and parent.

Another Day, Another Post Filled With Other People Talking About Me

I just got an email from the big daily in town where I grew up asking for an interview so that was cool. But let’s get down to talk about the other places I or Murder Boy are appearing today.

First, there’s  a great review of Murder Boy over at the BOLO Books website:

“Quertermous has created a work which exists simultaneously as both a classic example of the noir thriller and as a unique dark comedic attack against the hypocrisy of academia. This would be no easy feat for a veteran author, but still Bryon Quertermous manages to makes it seem like a leisurely stroll down a dimly lit corridor.”

And then we have an interview I did with My Bookish Ways.

Enjoy them all and remember, this is all an attempt to sell lots of copies of Murder Boy so my kids can go to college.

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My First Bestseller List


I’m sure this doesn’t mean as much as I’m making it out to, but I’m sorry, this is pretty cool to see. I really hope I never lose the amazement and fun of all of these little things. Very few people get to see their dreams come true is such a spectacular fashion and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate and that I don’t take it for granted.

That said, I’m going to have a few demands for the next event I attend…

If you’d like to get you hands on one of those bestselling copies, they still have a limited amount of signed copies available.