You take the good, you take the bad, etc.

Things are looking up on the job front, even as the first week of mandatory overtime approaches. After several weeks of not hearing anything about two jobs I applied for, I got lots of news. Last week I had testing for a clerk position in the Plymouth office, about fifteen minutes from here, in which I scored “proficient” and then this week I found out I’ve got an interview for the Plymouth job this Friday and I’ve got testing today for the same clerk position at my current office. I’ll take either one and hope between the two that I’ve got a good chance of being selected. I just hope there’s not more unbearable waiting after the interviews.

I’m up to a little less than 11k on the new book. I completed 11k last night and then cut about 200 words because it started taking the 3rd person stuff in a wrong direction. It’s so tempting to open that 3rd POV up and give everybody in the book their own sections, but I’m having a hard enough time keeping the stupid thing focused as it is.

This Sunday I’ll be guest blogging for Mike Maclean over at Murderati. Any topics you’d like to see me discuss?