You Don’t Mess with the Snowhan

I don’t know where that bout of blog productivity came from last week, but I posted every day except Sunday which is quite a bit for me lately. And I enjoyed it. Back in the day when I started this thing I know I had all sorts of energy to blog every day and write a bunch of short stories and do the Blog Short Story Project and manage Demolition. Ah, the energy of a younger man…But I think these days the work I’m turning out is at a higher level and I guess I’ll make that sacrifice.

The weekend was nice and snowy which gave me the excuse to stay in and not do much except read and work on revisions. I didn’t get as far as I wanted to on revisions because I hit a bit of a wall and then panicked and wondered if I should be working on this at all. But I took a deep breath and went out to shovel the driveway (while the brand friggin new snow blower I just bought sat uncooperatively on the porch) and when I came back I figured out what to do.

We had every intention of going to church on Sunday since we haven’t been in ages and I’ve been missing it, but with that much snow on the ground I wasn’t taking Spenser out until I had a chance to shovel. So I read some more in TOROS AND TORSOS and it’s only getting better. I also watched some playoff football, ate some sirloin burger soup, and we capped the night off with a viewing of YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN. This was a movie that was better than I expected when I added it to the Netflix que. The Israel-Palestine subplot was interesting to view in light of recent activity over there. I think it was handled well with humor and made some interesting points without being preachy…which I guess is easy to do with enough bare backsides flopping around.

I also promised Paul I would post a picture of Spenser in a shirt that he bought for him but of course I forgot to upload it from the camera so look for that later today.