You Can Handle the Truth

You all read my post over at Do Some Damage, right? Well as a reward for coming back over here and sticking around my personal blog as well I’ve got a secret to tell you…

The post was bullshit. I mean, not totally. I’m still wondering who my audience is in this brave new online world without being a published novelist or even having new short fiction out there, but that’s not the main reason I don’t post. When I do post I see a nice spike in readers, so even though I may not know who they are because very few people comment these days, I know there are readers. The true reason I don’t post much is because I’m lazy. Sure, some of it is brain exhaustion from working on revisions to the new book and trying to write a new short story, but most of the time I have several ideas that seem like good blog posts and I just fail to generate the needed enthusiasm to write it out. That’s why the DSD gig is so nice because it slaps a deadline on my lazy ass. And I’ve noticed more people tracking over to my Thuglit and Plots with Guns stories as well.

So I’m going to push back with a renewed effort to maintain this blog regularly as well. It’s a nice workout for my writing muscles, it’s good to keep my name out there professionally while I wait for more published fiction to trickle into the pipeline, and it feeds my ego. It’s probably going to be more personal stuff with the DSD posts being more professional, but anyone who reads this blog for more than a few posts will realize my writing and my personal life are closely related.

Now let’s start this new effort with what I’m reading. In novels I’ve got GUTSHOT STRAIGHT going by Lou Berney. This is a great caper with some fun characters and I wish I had more time to devote to finishing it. I’ve also got a big stack of books from the library of brand new releases that I’m dying to get to. I took a brief break though to read the first installment of a comic book series I read about over at Jed Ayres’s Hardboiled Wonderland called SCALPED. The idea about noir happenings and the organized crime underbelly of a South Dakota Indian reservation is awesome, and it’s an interesting story, but it is not cut out to be a graphic novel. There is so much stuff going on and so much talking and prose that it’s exhausting reading it in little bubbles. Each page has a hundred million panes of action which is also wearing on the eyes. I’m going to give some of the later books in the series a try and see if they get a little more streamlined. But man, this thing would be fantastic as a novel.

After GUTSHOT I’ve got Steve Hamilton’s THE LOCK ARTIST which I’m giddy for. I tried his last standalone about the probation officer and wasn’t impressed. This new one though about a safe cracker seems more in my wheelhouse.

And you, my minions, what are you reading.