Yipee Kayaaaa

I shut the blog down because I couldn’t get anything going novel-wise. I was frustrated and conflicted and needed to clear my head. It worked. I’m not sitting at well over 100 pages on a new novel and have been able to maintain a pretty good degree of consistency in my daily writing. And that’s where I think not having the blog for a while worked best for me. I got to where I am right now on this book almost exclusively through chunks under 1000 words. There were a lot of 500-600 word days and even quite a few 100-200 word days but I was determined to write every day just to get over the nastiest case of the yips I’ve ever had. So instead of wasting 200 words on the blog, I put them into the book.

But now I’ve hit a nice stride on the book and a couple of people have read small parts of it and given me encouragement at it’s potential so I figured maybe I’d look into blogging again. I missed it. But if I find that my output starts dropping again I have no problem shutting it down for good if that’s what it takes. I don’t think it will come to that though.

So let’s start with a question. I just bought a new iPod nano (because somebody stole my other one from my car in the safest freaking city in the country) and while I love the new screen that can play movies and TV shows and such, but I hate the shape of the unit. It doesn’t fit as well in my hand as the other one did. Anybody else feel this way? What I really want is an iPhone but apparently that’s not practical with a new baby on the way…