Yeah, About That Video…

I had planned on posting a video tour of my writing areas today, but my mother-in-law took the kids for the day so I spent it trying to dig myself out of the hole my day job put me in. I’m  struggling to figure out a routine as I have so many plates spinning right now so everything is top priority. But I’m happy to be managing this load with no day job to worry about now and I’m sure over the next week or so things will get better. But that also means fewer in-depth posts here.

I do see some great value in posting here and the more I post, the more people visit the site. And the more people visit the site, the more they look at my editing services page which leads, eventually, to more work hopefully. But my focus now is on my current work, not finding new work so shorter posts.

Tonight we went to the open house for Spenser’s Kindergarten class and got to see his room and meet his teacher. Oddly enough his room is the same room my wife went to Kindergarten in way back in the day. I think that’s kind of cool. We also got free pulled pork sandwiches which immediately endeared me to the school. As we made our way through the tour, Spenser got distracted in the library and made my heart happy. On the way back, *I* got distracted in the library and that was less happy apparently. Here’s a picture of Spenser in his library.