Worst list, worst memory

Over in the comments on David Montgomery’s blog, Paul Guyot says he wishes someone in the blogosphere would have the guts to put up a worst of list. Well, I like to think I’m as mean-spirited as the next guy so I figured I was just the person to do it. But I couldn’t think of a single book I read that comes to mind as really bad. I know there were some that were meh, but nothing to make a list of. I have a hard enough time remembering the stuff I like, let alone the stuff I didn’t. I think this goes to the topic that JT Ellison talks about today over at Murderati about her awful memory, a trait I certainly share. But never wanting to be one to disappoint Paul, here’s what I imagine my worst list would look like if I’d seen or read some of the things I’d considered reading or seeing.

10. The Golden Compass – this just looked awful from the trailers

9. Now and Then by Robert B. Parker – I’d liked his last couple Spenser books which figures it’s about time for a stinker

8. The Bionic Woman on NBC looked just plain dumb

7. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – This started off good enough but turned to crap pretty quickly

6. Britney Spears appearence on the VMAs – All I saw was her outfit and that was anough for me

5. The OJ Simpson Book –

And this is already probably getting old so let’s skip to the last two.

2. PS I Love You – This movie was obviously written with Jennifer Garner in mind but somehow they ended up with a horribly miscast Hilary Swank instead. Good for her for trying to stretch herself but I don’t have to pay $9 to see it. So I didn’t, but the trailer was uncomfortable enough for me.

1. No Country for Old Men – This movie was all sorts of disappointing, probably compounded by the fact I went to see it at Midnight when I was already tired

What are your worst picks of the year?