What the Bestsellers Know

This post is dedicated to Laura Lippman who just found out that her new book WHAT THE DEAD KNOW will be her first New York Times Bestseller. I read her post last night and almost started crying for her, this has been a long time coming.

This whole thing made me realize how much I want this. All of it. The book deal, the publishing experience, the bestseller. I would love to have Laura’s career. Not just the fancy-schmancy part of it. But she started off with a mass market career and has slowly built it from there.

I hadn’t realized until recently how much participating in the contest with Dave was distracting me from the whole submission process of my new book. I had the manuscript out to a couple of agents who were reviewing it but I was so focused on getting pages done on the contest book that I didn’t think too much about it. But now that I don’t really have that going, I’m driving myself batty wondering what’s going on.

I sent out one batch of email queries that I haven’t heard a thing on, and yesterday I sent out a batch of snail mail queries. All I can think about it getting an agent and getting a deal and having a career. It’s bordering on the point of obsession now and that’s got to stop. Obviously I need to immerse myself in another project. I’ll probably stick with the urban exploration book that I’m about 3k words into.

But I’ve also debated doing more short work, including a mainstream-type story for EQMM or AHMM and possibly even a novella for the AHMM/Nero Wolf Society novella contest. With the way I’m feeling though, I think a massive, long-term project like a novel is just what I need.