What I did over summer vacation

The Summer of the Short Story is finally over. I finally finished the last story I was working on, bringing the total of stories written since May to four and the total since January to five. That is more stories than I have written in all of the years up until now combined. And they’re pretty substantial stories too, most between 3500 and 4500 words. The bulk of my previous stories were 1200 to 1500 words and very underdeveloped. But the coolest thing is that not only are these stories being written, they’re being published. Two have already been published, two have been accepted for publication and this last one is the best of the lot I think and won’t have trouble finding a home. In addition to the current crop, a story I wrote last year was published this year. It was accepted by two places simultaneously after suffering many, many rejections. So here’s the general fiction picture for this year:

BREAKFAST ANYTIME (noir fiction) – Originally written with an eye toward Neil Smith’s pulp edition of The Mississippi Review but rejected and eventually published in Shots Magazine.

LOAD (sperm bank robbery story) – Started for the Bank Robbery Edition of Hardluck Stories but stalled out at deadline. Eventually finished and accepted for publication at Crimespree Magazine.

SHARP DRESSED MAN (short humor story) – Written last year in my creative writing workshop at school, it finally found a home at Defenestration Magazine.

SCHMUCK WITH AN UNDERWOOD (short humerous crime story) – Written as my entry for the second Blog Short Story Project, reprinted in Skive Magazine.

MR. SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL (PI story) – This was my first crack at a PI short story in about five or six years and aimed at Thrilling Detective Magazine. It’s still going through the editorial process at TD so I’ll update you on its official status when I find out.

WHERE SIN ABOUNDS (noir story) – Preachers. Grace. Murder. This story is my big story, I think. I’m going to aim it for AHMM or something like that, maybe enter it in a few contests, who knows. You can count on hearing about every excrutiating detail of the submission process for it, right here at Coping with Sanity.

So what next, you ask? The year of the New Novel. Writing these stories has flexed and maximized my writing muscles. I feel ready to tackle a more complex novel structure and deeper characters and maybe even some themes and such. We’ll see what happens with that…