We’re Two Days Into Spring Break And I Haven’t Abandoned The Kids Yet

I really need to come up with some consistency for titling these things. Sometimes I capitalize the first letter of all of the words and sometimes I don’t bother capitalizing small words like the, and, of and those words (I think they’re all prepositions, right?) but it all really depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

So the kids. They have been off of school since Friday last week and it’s been quite pleasant. While I still have to be working during this week the kids haven’t been an undue burden or distraction like they were over winter break.  The biggest reason for this, I believe, that the weather is nice enough for them to play outside so 1)I don’t have to hear ALL of their screaming and 2)Being outside seems to wear them down more so they aren’t as wound up when they are inside. Also, the nicer weather has given ME more energy so I have more patience to deal with them.

A short post today because I really want to do more of these. I really love writing here and enjoy it more when I do it on a regular basis (as do the readers as my stats package points out) but I don’t have the energy or topics for a whole week of 1000 word essays every month of every year. And, as previously stated, I don’t think readers want that. I want to aim for a mix of short posts, long posts, and photo posts. Now I’m going out to take the kids to the library and get Becky some lunch.