We’re Staying At A Lot Of Hotels So There’s Going To Be More Of These Pictures

To get the best hotel deals, we’re actually moving around quite a bit. This is where we are for the next couple of days. In exchange for a great rate, we’re going to a delightful time share sales pitch. We’re taking the kids who are professionally trained to act awful so the end of the presentation isn’t dragged out.

Maybe it’s the whole vacation culture here and the desire to relax, but the wireless situation sucks. Everywhere charges for it and the quality is awful. So I’m writing this on my phone which leaves something to be desired. But I am relaxing more so that’s good.

The other thing I’ve noticed is how much energy I have. The cold and snow had been so unrelenting that I had no motivation to do anything but sleep and eat. Here though, in the sunshine, I’m waking up early, walking so much more, staying up later and feeling better. Not sure I can go back to the cold and snow.