We’re (not) Number One!

Am I the only one who finds it humorous that the two teams who fought it out for the World Series title are now dueling for the title of most dangerous city? St. Louis beat out Detroit for a second title this year by being named the most dangerous city in America. Following in a close third place is my hometown of Flint, MI. I’ve never been so proud of this state in my life…

For a crime writer though, at least I know I’ll never run out of stories to tell or victims to unearth. And at the same time, my current city of residence is usually ranked as one of the safest and best cities to live in in the country. What a state.

In other news I bought an iPod. I’m very pleased with this little baby. I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while but last night there was a wonderful convergence of sales, gift cards, and serendipity to show me the way. I bought a silver 2g nano and have already loaded more than 300 songs to it. The main reason I decided it was time for the iPod revolution to hit me is because I need to get my butt back in gear exercising. I’m now dating a girl who is a nutrition student and a kick boxer. My slacker lifestyle will not keep me alive in this sort of relationship so I’ve got to buff up.

Sent the manuscript of SCARS off to the first agent today. I’m still waiting to hear back from my early readers but I wanted to jump on this opportunity and I think the book as is, is good enough to land an agent. Maybe I’m just impatient. I still have one short story I’m trying to decide what to do with and another one I want to finish, but I’m itching to get started on the next book. I have some fun ideas I’m ready to to explore.

This post just has random thoughts written all over it, doesn’t it?