Weekend Update: With 100% More Personal Details

There’s no better way to kick off my new focus on my personal life here than a good old fashioned ‘What I Did Over the Weekend” post. So I’ll spare you the fancy literary transitions and go with some bullets:

Saturday – Started early to get the kids to the LibertyFest Parade. I have no idea when this trend of celebrating The Fourth of July every day in July except the actual 4th began, but it seems so strange. The Detroit celebration is tomorrow. That’s not even the right month. But a parade was staged, so we loaded up the kids and the dog and the stroller and the according supplies and headed out. We ended up being late because he had to drive through Burger King first and, regardless of location, this is the slowest franchise in all of FastFoodLand. We missed my favorite part of the parade, all of the police trucks and fire trucks and ambulances and such, but the rest of the parade was great and more enjoyable than I ever realized. I think part of this was watching it with little kids. I was proud when Spenser smiled at the approaching cheerleaders, and then laughed when he danced and clapped with them. One of the parts I always found boring were the fat, middle-aged men riding around in their little cars, but Spenser loved them and I loved watching him.

I spent the middle part of the day in the yard trying to make our house, once again, look occupied. I had to buy a new lawn mower and opted for one without all of the bells and whistles. I did not know how much I took self-propulsion for granted until I didn;t have it anymore. But I was more than willing to trade that for a lawn mower that didn’t stall after every turn. But mowing the grass was the least of the tasks. I spent almost as long with the weed whacker destroying the encroaching jungle threatening to eat my yard furniture and pets. Since my back lawn is made almost entirely of weeds, I can’t let it go more than a week without mowing and it had been almost three. So I got it looking decent enough that our neighbors could have a party for their toddler and not feel like they were living next to a drug house. But there is so much I’d like to do. I don’t like to spend much time outside, but I do like to sit on the deck every once in a while, and I really like to have something nice to look at. Instead I get a rusty shed, a forest of weeds, flower beds made up mostly of escaped maple seedlings and prickly flowers, and a warping deck. Alas, this is the sacrifice we make to get a house we like in our price range without actually living in a drug house.

That night we had a family wedding and appeared with fantasies of Spenser cutting up the dance floor in suitably photographic fashion, but his nap schedule was all out of whack, and he didn’t like having to be still so much during dinner and the ceremony before he could run around, so he finally cracked around 9:30pm and I took him and Holly home. Secretly I was exhausted and happy to have an excuse to leave that didn’t make me look like a sissy.

Sunday was Father’s Day, of course, and the initial plan was to go down to see the Tigers play. After a long Saturday though that seemed less appealing and we stayed around home instead. We had an early lunch at Mongolian Barbecue (early morning + buffet = well-behaved children in the restaurant) then I watched the game from my couch with my feet up. After the game we went out to the mall and ate pretzels and watched Holly and Spenser terrorize the plastic toys in the playscape. Enjoyable all around.

Tomorrow we get to a real post, not just wrap-up filler. I suspect it will have something to do with my new BlackBerry (which, hey, I just found out functions as a phone as well as mobile Facebook access machine)