Web Snared

I spent waaaay too much time on the web yesterday at Starbucks. Some of it was useful (completing the new issue of DEMOLITION, for example) and the rest of it fairly useless (like spending 4 hours trying to relearn Flash so I can make a book trailer for a book that doesn’t yet exist).

But I was able to accomplish one useful task, and that was the first readthrough my my MURDER BOY play since I completed it a few weeks ago. I’m happy to report that the theater gods have smiled down on me and it’s not crap. Perhaps the word fairies that have been visiting Mr. Macbride have swooped through my neck of the woods as well. Now it’s not exactly ready for its Broadway premiere, there are still some areas that need to be cleaned up and developed more–like the ends of both acts– but overall, for my first attempt at a full-length play ever, I’m very very pleased.

Still looking for any stragglers who want to be part of the next Blog Short Story project. This year the theme is flash fiction and the word count will be a max of 1k for those who may think it’s too large of a commitment. We’ve already secured more participants than we had last year which is great. We’re particularly looking for bloggers outside of the crime and mystery field to broaden the scope of the project. Contact Dave or myself if you’re interested.