Web Slingerz

It’s finally getting back to normal at work and one of the things I’ve been doing with my down time is figuring out how to update my personal website (bryonquertermous.com) and/or my blog. My current website is very outdated and this blog isn’t quite as well organized as I’d like for everything. With the kind of traffic I get to this blog it seems stupid to have a separate website just to house all of the same stuff. I think I’m going to take my bryonquertermous.com domain name and just attach it to my blog and leave it at that.

For this purpose though, I don’t like Blogger that much. I’ve been playing around with WordPress and I like the layout and possibilities of that more for a central site, but I’m not sure what to do with all of the stuff over here. If I move the blog to WordPress will my readers come with me? Most of my traffic comes from direct access or through Crimespot, so as long as Graham is nice enough to add my new blog to the site I should be fine there and I can put a link up at this site so I guess that would work.

The other issue I’ve been folling around with is layout design. I’ve always been fascinated by layout design and while I think I’m fairly talented at it, I’m nowhere near as good as I’d like to be or as many of the others in my blogroll over there. I’m too cheap to pay the $15 bucks at WordPress needed to do intimate customizations so that’s been a treat and a half on my old brain. But it’s coming along.

All through college when I was working on newspapers and literary magazines the part I enjoyed the most was doing the layout. I could pass an entire day without eating or drinking just trying to get everything to look perfect. After I started realizing how much I hate the reporting part of the newspaper busines I looked into becoming a layout artist/copy editor but my crappy spelling and grammar skills couldn’t be helped by my design skills or AP style knowledge. Oh well.

So for those out there with blogs and websites, do you see an advantage to having both or would you ever consider combining them?