Weather Complaints: Summer Humidity Edition (With Some Comments About Cloud Drives)

So hey, it’s been *looks at archive* four months since I last complained about the weather. Way back then I was complaining about the cold and how it was sapping my energy and my motivation. Well know we have the hot end of that stick. A few weeks ago I was in Phoenix for ComicCon and they were under a heat advisory and topping 120 degrees. I spent quite a bit of time outside and enjoyed it. Yesterday it was 71 here with high humidity and after being outside for about 20 minutes killing weeds, I was sick and exhausted and ready to die.

There really is something to the dry heat crap. Also, my allergies have been in full-on assault which means I have to keep all of the doors and windows shut and the air conditioning on high. While it feels cool, that much exposure to chemical air has been giving me headaches and making me sick. Blech. This is why I love fall so much.

Anyway, what else is new? I’m at the library right now with the kids while the entire population of our town under the age of 10 watches (and sings along to) Frozen. It’s delightful and infuriating all at the same time. Just like parenting! I’ve started working on some freelance projects while I wrap up my last week with Angry Robot. I’m anticipating another wave of disappointment and melancholy over the weekend after it’s all officially over. I’ve also been fooling around with cloud drives again. Dropbox has been my #1 choice for a while and it still maintains top billing. I like how it integrates with my Mac and my iPad and allows me to use Pages to edit on my iPad. I tried to use Word on my iPad and I’m just not enthralled by it in the long run, same with OneDrive. This means I’ve moved most of my other back up and cloud storage needs to Google Drive. I’m deeply vested in the Google eco-system, so it makes sense.

I didn’t think much of Google Drive for a while because I didn’t think they had done much to update it. I was wrong. They just don’t update fancy, but there’s plenty of great backend updates and the iPad app is really great. I still love Google Docs for short memos, short stories, and invoices, but it chokes too much on long documents to be of any use to me for novel projects. One new task I’ve found it useful for is research. I have a longer, more complex project I’ve been research and planning and a Google Doc makes a great repository for everything I find. I know people swear by EverNote, but for my needs Google Docs has worked great.