We Spent The Morning At The Dentist, Yay

Recovering from a rough trip to the dentist

And it didn’t go well. It started off fine. I had such a rotten experience with the whole sedation process last time that we all agreed laughing gas and spot numbing would be best  this time around. And it was for the first chunk. But then they got into one of the teeth and it was worse than they expected and decided to do a root canal instead of a crown. Spenser was ready to be done and started panicking. He wouldn’t breathe the gas in through his nose so things started to hurt and he freaked out more. Finely, to get him finished, I had to lay on top of him and keep him from ripping the instruments and stuff out of his mouth. I had no idea how strong and slippery that kid was.

But when we were done he calmed down and wanted to see what his mouth looked like and get his toy. He’s drugged up and resting now watching Elmo and later we’re going to the comic book store. Unfortunately we have to do this again in two more weeks and I hope he forgets by then.

UPDATE: About 30 minutes after I posted this he started feeling better. He ate some cheese and some soda and started running around. I think he’ll be just fine.