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Here’s a note I just sent to my newsletter subscribers:

We’re about a month removed from the last newsletter and I’ve been thinking about what to do with this thing. I love the intimacy of it and the feeling of talking directly to you all, but every time I start to write something here I write in for my website instead. I’ve thought about writing one big piece here every month and cross-posting it to my website, but that seems like cheating. And I thought about just waiting until closer to the June 14 publication of RIOT LOAD (available for pre-order now!) and sending out a breezy update with sales links and links to pre-pub reviews (I can’t tell you which one or when it will run, but we got our second pre-pub review in and it’s another good one, shhhhhhh) and links to the interviews I’ll be doing and such, but that seemed like a waste of this very awesome format.

So I looked back at what I’ve done so far and realized the note I sent out with the first page of TRIGGER SWITCH, the novel I’m writing right now and the final book of the trilogy that started with MURDER BOY, was very, very popular. So I though, why not double down on that and send out the whole first chapter? Early on in a book I tend to do this a lot and routinely send around chunks to friends and occasional strangers. My beginnings also don’t tend to change very much (it’s the back half of a book that always gives me fits) so for all you know you could be reading the close to final version of this book right now.

I don’t know if I’ll do this every month or if I’ll send every chapter. Maybe I’ll send sneak peaks of random chapters. Maybe I’ll only send single random pages. Who knows. But for now, until we get too deep into the book for this to make sense or until I come up with something better, the subscribers of this newsletter will be the only people to read these exclusive chunks. They won’t be archived on the newsletter page and they won’t be available on my website (so please don’t share the link to this newsletter on social media). I hope you enjoy.

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