Waiting for Godot if Godot Worked for UPS

I have a bunch of work I need to be doing but I can’t focus because I’m waiting for the UPS man to bring me a check. Every noise, every car, every whisp of wind makes me perk my ears up like the dog and spin to look out the window to see if he’s here.

The check is a partial payout for some retirement accounts I had from my old job. I worked for a university so they had my retirement accounts all over the place and a good chunk of it I can’t touch until I’m 59. But a small slice of it I have access to and I took most of that and rolled it over into an IRA but I kept a little bit to buy myself a present.

Ever since I got my iPad I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I switched over to a Mac for everything else. The ecosystem is just so far superior to Windows that I want to be in it all of the time, every day. My main desktop is still a Windows PC because it was cheap and I like to have one available, but I’ve been thinking about replacing my laptop since I started doing this full-time.

Until now, I’ve done the bulk of my editing on my iPad with a voodoo mix of software packages to get the closest Microsoft Office experience I could get because that’s what all of my clients use. But as my workload has increased, and my need for a machine to be able to handle advanced tasks has increased, I’ve found my iPad less than ideal as a laptop replacement. So I’m getting a Macbook Air. I think it’s a good investment and everyone I know who has one raves about it and, frankly, it’s just time. I’ve NEVER owned a Mac computer and I think it’s finally time.

More details when the UPS guy…oh, is he here?