Today is election day and when I get out of work Becky and I will take the kids and go vote. Holly and Spenser have both been to every election that’s happened since they’ve been born. I think it’s important to vote even if you don’t like the major two party candidates. Your vote may not make a tangible difference, but I believe it’s  important to partake of the process to keep it vibrant kind of like copyright holders who have to actively enforce their copyright so they don’t lose it.

I don’t believe crap spouted about how people who don’t vote don’t get to complain. For one, that’s really not going to stop people from complaining, and also it’s not true. Part of the free speech principle is that people can spout of their opinions and ideas for the country without voting. Go America. But those people are ignorant and really, who wants to be ignorant? So go vote.

I really wanted to post a political cartoon I think about every election but I couldn’t find it. It’s three panels and in the first two are revolutionary mobs with signs that say VOTE! and then in the third panel is a guy asleep in his recliner in front of the TV and on the TV is the word Vote.