View From the Hotel Room: Long Island City Edition

In my efforts to be a better corporate citizen and save my company travel dollars so I can get to more conference to spread the word about Exhibit A Books, I moved out of Manhattan for my hotel stay to Long Island City in Queens (the old home of Osprey’s New York City offices). So far, I’m impressed with the hotel and while the neighborhood is certainly up and coming, it doesn’t seem dangerous at all at the hotel got really good ratings. The room is small, but it’s nice and clean and right across the street from a subway stop. The subway is 15 minutes to Times Square so I’m not really suffering location-wise. The free breakfast is also nice. I saved about $300 staying out here and I think it was worth it.

I also opted out of the cab from the airport and took the bus/subway here. The ride should normally take 40 minutes, but I missed my stop and ended up taking the bus all the way into Manhattan and got dropped off in Harlem. That was cool because I’ve never seen that part of the city before. But man, anyone who says Harlem is too gentrified doesn’t know what they’re talking about. So instead of $100 in cabs both ways, I bought a $30 unlimited MetroCard that should serve me well for the next few days. Now I need to rest up a bit and then get to some editing work I have waiting for me before Edgar Week insanity kicks in.