View From the Hotel: New Jersey Edition


But wait, you say, wasn’t this trip supposed to end in New York City? You’re right random Internet question asker, and it will in a few hours. But since I have Becky and the kids with me, we needed more space than what we can afford in Manhattan, so New Jersey it is. The Embassy Suites in Secaucus to be specific. We’re right across from a New Jersey Transit bus stop which I will be taking in a few hours to Manhattan for my signing at the Mysterious Bookshop.

So far I can’t say I’m all that impressed by New Jersey. Not even ten minutes into the state we were almost killed twice by NJ drivers. And the highway system is a baffling mix of confusion and stupidity. I have never seen exit signs so small and so poorly placed. But for now, I have a shower to take and a smell to cover up so we’ll talk soon.