View From the Hotel: Murder and Mayhem Milwaukee Edition

I made it! The drive from Canton to Milwaukee is one of the best there is and the six hours always seem to fly by. The last couple of years I’ve taken to listening to audio books instead of the radio starting with Dennis Lehane’s SHUTTER ISLAND and then Mindy Kaling books the last two years. This year was Jennifer Weiner’s new memoir, HUNGRY HEART and it’s as awesome as I hoped it would be. I like memoirs like this read by the author. I’m eager to check out some of Lawrence Block’s non-fiction he’s narrated as well as Stephen King. But right now I have editing work to do, then some writing to finish, then maybe a shower because I smell like car sweat and Panda Express.

Once again, if you’re close by tomorrow, come and see me and the rest of the Murder and Mayhem Misfits as we do our little dances at the Irish Cultural Heritage Center.