View from the Hotel: Kalahari Disappointment (to say the least) Edition

I did not take a photo of the view from our room when I arrived because I was too focused on the size of these beds. They were advertised as Queen beds, but are clearly full size beds.

After spending way too long arguing with the staff and managers over this and showing them the measurements from my phone (and their phones) that showed the size as full size, they finally brought in a tape measure. And get this: the way the bed is designed, it’s a full size bed, but there is enough padding on top of the mattress so that when the tape measure is pulled across the top, it bows and makes the bed seem like it’s the correct length. This is like measuring someone fat and letting the girth of their belly be factored into their height.

The managers both looked at me with a knowing glance–this was bullshit and they knew it–but quickly asked if there was anything else we needed help with and then disappeared.

In addition to the bait and switch with the beds, our room had no hot water most of the time so they switched a to a room where the TV barely worked. Sure, these may sound like first world problems, but when a place acts like it’s a luxury resort and charges guests like it’s a luxury resort, then stuff like this is unacceptable. But once again, I get to look like the asshole for complaining rather than the company that makes its owners rich by screwing us over.

Maybe if Americans had more vacation time and more money, stuff like this wouldn’t be a big deal. But our country is running it’s population ragged for very little pay and when we are able to get away, we’re at the mercy of greedy hotel and restaurant companies that short us and con us with sub-par offerings, but we’re expected to just suck it up and take it so we don’t look rude.

We got a free pizza and some video game tokens out of it all, but I can unequivocally say, I won;t be going back to Kalahari ANY time soon.