View from the Hotel: Anniversary at Cedar Point Edition

Two years ago Becky and I came to Cedar Point to celebrate our ten year anniversary and had so much fun we wanted to do it again. Sadly, this time wasn’t quite as much fun due to the fact that we’re old and get tired easier and the weather was so nice that it brought far more people to the park than we (and I suspect the park) expected, which made for a miserable experience. But we did have fun eating a lot and got away from the park for some fun together, plus a side tour of some of the sketchier and more beautiful areas of Sandusky.

So happy twelve year anniversary to us (this is our real, official wedding date for those playing along at home), and I look forward to way more than twelve more.

It was fun, but I think next year we’ll do the Traverse City wine tour trip we thought sounded too boring a few years ago.