Under Review

I got my first review today ever. Over at the wonderful short story review site Nasty Brutish Short, Graham Powell says all sorts of neato things about my story BREAKFAST ANYTIME.

This story is certainly one of my favorites because it really was my entry into the current short fiction boon time I’ve been experience. Up until I wrote that story in 2005, I had only written one other crime story in almost ten years and none since 2001. All of my writing time had been taken up by writing and rewriting (and rewriting again) LUNCHBOX HERO. But by that time I was in grad school and starting to look at shorts again. Since that first story was picked up charitably by Sarah Weinman for SHOTS magazine, I’ve gone on to write and publish several others and even made it into a forthcoming print anthology. So yeah, I like that story and I’m glad someone else did as well.

Check it out.

**Update** Maybe I should have written this blog post after I did my writing for the day, I’m sure Guyot would have preferred that, but I just finished my 1k words for the day which brings the total for the manuscript to a little more than 30,000 words. I’m almost halfway there. Thanks for the ribbing Guyot, it keeps me honest.