Uncomfort Zone

Remember the Cute Brunette from my musical theater class last year? Well she’s moving to California and had her going away party tonight. I showed up about two hours late, trying to be smooth, and I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my entire life. Sure, the CB was there but she had her hair cut and dyed red and I didn’t know a single other person there. I like to think I’m fairly sociable but in a circumstance like that I clammed up and panicked.

I said hello, then went to the bathroom to unload my bladder from the German Park I’d been to earlier in the day, and left through the side door. It was quite an experience for me. Of course, before I left, I noted the decor of the house and the odd layout and the cat food container on the bathroom counter in a weird shaped bathroom bearing several photos of Audrey Hepburn. That’s going to appear in a story somewhere, just you wait and see.

So have you ever bailed on a situation that was so uncomfortable you couldn’t bear to be there any longer? And first dates don’t count…though I do have a couple of interesting stories down that line as well.

Anyway, after I split from the party of doom I hung out at Borders for a little bit looking for Tom Franklin’s new book and then went home and watched VI Warshawski on cable. Wow, what a craptastic piece of garbage that movie was. It made me fell a whole lot better about the holes in my own plot. Sheesh. And speaking of that plot, I had a great day today writing-wise. I knocked out about 1200 words, which is the first time I’ve cracked 500 words in about two weeks, and I also reorganized somethings and tightened another scene up. If I hit my 1k goal tomorrow I’ll cross 65K total and it’ll be a downward shot to the end.

Now I just have to figure out, you know, how it ends.