Two Weeks (Or So) With Mort & Maurice

For the first few days, I was a bit sad at how the cats seemed to be hiding all day and only coming out very late at night to play with Becky. But after a few days, they started coming out earlier in the evening and even visiting me once in a while. They regard Stewie with some measure of skepticism still, and any time they go into a room he’s in, they skulk about trying to hide from him and if he gets too close they hiss at him. I think he’s mostly curious at what they’re doing, and he probably just want to play, but they don’t seem to have any interest in engaging with him in any kind of meaningful way yet aside from swatting at him when he’s asleep. The good news though is that we don’t really have to worry about them hurting each other while we’re gone. The worst case scenario is that they just end up in separate rooms if they don’t like being around each other.

The last few days they’ve really accelerated their exploration of the house in the morning and evening, even when the kids and dog are around. Every morning it seems like they come in and keep me company while I attend to my morning rituals. They definitely seem more like family and less like house guests. Every morning now, I seem to open the door to a pair of cats lingering, waiting to be fed and acknowledged. Their favorite spot to sleep the day away is on the middle shelf of our linen closet, but they come out once in a while to see what’s going on and if anyone would like to pet them. I think Holly wishes they would play more with her, but she’s being patient and so far they’ve rewarded that by interacting well with her for short periods of time. And they still love Becky. They even came into our bedroom the other morning and nosed around.

It’s still hard to tell them apart if they’re not together, but they have very distinct personalities. Maurice is more careful, but also more playful. He’s a lot like Holly. His look is a bit more refined and he reminds me of the old man on the Monopoly game box.  We joke that this cat should have a monocle and a top hat. Mort seems more friendly at first look, but he’s also a bit of a jerk. He likes to make trouble and make messes. They’re also the most vocal cats I’ve ever encountered. They seem to talk a lot to each other and I can’t imagine any of that is good for us, but they also get chatty at night when we’re sleeping. It’s not enough to really keep us awake, but it’s not background noise either.

Overall we’re very happy with how they’ve integrated into the house and into our family and they’ve made the sting of losing Ruby a bit less harsh.