Turn, Turn, Turn, Etc.

I think we all knew my life was going waaaaaaay too well this year and was due for a karmic correction. Well that correction came in the form of my imprint being shut down and me being out of a job. If I had written this a few days ago it would have been a depressing/angry screed about my lack of faith in anything and my absolute pessimism for the future of publishing, so it’s probably good I held off until I had a few days to cool off. I’m still bummed and depressed about the whole thing, but I’m also ready to move on. And that means I’m back on the freelance market.

As we have a new baby on the way and I’m as close to a stay-at-home parent as we have in this family, the flexibility of freelancing will work out really well. Also, I’ll be able to edit across a wide spectrum of genres which is pretty cool. To that end I have created a separate website dedicated just to my editing services at editing.bryonquertermous.com as well as investing in enterprise level email so I’m sure not to miss any inquiries.

So my shingle is back out, go tell the world.