Tuck and Roll

Taking a cue from this chick, I decided to do a little “shopping” of my own at the local Borders. No real books were shoplifted during the course of this photo session. Though if Duane would send me my freaking free book I wouldn’t have to resort to scheme like trading the freebie books I got at BCon back to Borders for store credit and using it to purchase Duane’s book and cookies. Thanks to a special lady from Toledo for acting as the photographer.

I’ve been away for a while working on a couple of short story projects and a super secret project (unless you’re one of the six zillion people I’ve already told) which I’ll be detailing more completely in a post real soon. I’d planned on going back to the novel after finishing the last (hopefully) round of edits on my story for Thrilling Detective, but I wasn’t able to focus on the book with such a limited amount of free time and more importantly I had stories begging to be written and outlets to aim them at.

The first story is my attempt to move from straight crime writing to something with more depth that I can submit to literary journals. I’ve been working my way through this year’s Best American Mystery Stories collection for inspiration. The story is coming along nicely though not very easily. I think it’s the best thing I’ve written so far, but I have to try very hard not to get too caught up in the writing that I forget about the story. Essentially I have to try very hard not to be pretentious or boring. We’ll see how that works out. I’m hoping to polish it up in time to enter it in the Atlantic Student Fiction Contest. Yeah, I’m that cocky.

The other story is an idea I have for the Hardluck Stories City at Night issue coming up. I love stories about the deep night hours, especially in the city, so this seemed like a natural fit. I don’t want to blow the idea here, but I’ll just say it has to do with an ex-cop working as a grocery store detective, a shoplifting bearded lady, and a violent group of circus performers with some merchandise they probably shouldn’t have.

All of the stories I’ve written recently have been written for a specific publication, theme or contest. With one exception, all have been published somewhere other than where they were originally intended. Take that as you will.