True Lies

I lied yesterday and I’m not even sure I realized I was deceiving myself. While the top two ideas I mentioned are ones I’m very passionate about, they’re aren’t the one I really want to write. I really want to write a first person PI novel version of RUINS OF DETROIT. BUt I got caught up with the nonsense about that stuff not selling.

Well here’s thething. I got a couple very good, very detailed responses to my last novel from agents and not one of them mentioned that the book couldn’t sell because it was a first person PI novel. In fact one of them made favorable comparisons to another first person PI author in saying it reminded them of early Robert Crais. No, they all mentioned that the plot was too complicated or the relationships weren’t developed enough. So that’s what I need to work on with this new book, not what type of book it is.

UPDATE: I just went back and looked at that email from one of the agents and it’s even better than I thought.

Dallas Ellington is a very nice lead for a mystery, with an
interesting backstory as a child actor.

He says that my PI is a nice lead. Sheesh.

I really wish I would listen to myself once in a while…