Training Brain

I wonder if WordPress offers a Post A Week badge for those of us who have seriously neglected our Post A Day responsibilities? There may be more writing and photography here in the near future though because I’m starting to remember that the main reason I came back here was to avoid Facebook.

When I first tried to step away from the great Book of death, I found myself more engaged than I had been at any other time since by first wave of activity in 2007 or so. But that didn’t last long and Facebook seems to be intentionally designing itself to drive away users like me. I still love me some Twitter but Facebook can suck my sweaty smoke house.

I’ve switched my word processing for the time being to Google Docs and I’ll have a deeper review here after I’ve been at it a few days, but so far it seems to be much better than the last incarnation I tried to use. I still love Word and wish I could write in it all the time everywhere.. But the reality is I write in many different places across many different computers and I’m sick of not being able to write when I have the time and the ambition because the current version of the novel is stuck on a random computer where I forgot to send myself a copy through Gmail.

I also want to do a big deep post on how I hate to follow one of the biggest keys of storytelling: drawing out suspense. I want to get in an out of a scene as quickly as possible and move on. I read a review somewhere of Justified where the reviewer talked about how much plot the show burns. It doesn’t draw out events for dramatic effect, it’s a barrage of cool plot elements because they trust themselves to come up with more and not run out of ideas. To the other other extreme though, I wish some of these network cop shows would slow their stories down more. The case of the week is detrimental over a 20+ episode season. I’d like to see more four or five episode arcs of cases.

Tomorrow will be Saturday and I’ll have pictures. Only here. Not on Facebook.

Neener to Facebook.