Today Started With a Mouse in The Toilet

Let me start with this bit of trivia: my kids NEVER flush the toilet. So I’m used to seeing some interesting things in there. That’s why this morning when I looked down in my groggy pre-awake state the first thing I thought was “wow, that turd looks like a mouse” rather than “there’s a mouse in the toilet.” But then it moved and I woke up real quick. And immediately put the lid down on the toilet and ran into the bedroom to tell Becky.  She told me to flush it and balance was restored. The best part is that a few minutes later the cat came strutting down the hallway like he was the big man on campus and Becky figured he probably killed the mouse and dropped it into the toilet to wash it or whatever.

Anyway, today’s the Super Bowl as well. I’m watching it right now at my in-laws with a stomach full of Doritos tacos, Ikea meatballs, and those funky Belgian cream puffs from Sam’s Club. The game itself doesn’t really matter to me. I love football and follow it closely, but the Super Bowl hasn’t been about football for a long time. I think the conference championships are better games and that’s where the real football season ends. The rest is all pomp and whoring. But it’s still better than watching hockey or basketball.