Today My Brain Went Fishing

Yesterday was a great day for me. I had a big writing day that saw the completion of chapter two of the cozy novel and the appearance of the first corpse and I got a major editing project done. I still have a ton of work due in July, but I’m in a much better place for getting it done now and that feels great. Also, it will be nice when the final payments for all of these projects start showing up. But today I decided to let my brain rest. I watched TV and took a nap and read a very breezy cozy. I wrote a little bit on my own cozy but not of the level of yesterday. Tonight the wife and I will probably watch a movie.

Tomorrow I need to clean the house and read some Carina submissions and work on a line edit. I also need to get back to church. I’m not one who believes church is mandatory to be a Christian, but I like going and I feel more engaged with my faith when I attend regularly. I also need to write more. But that’s tomorrow. There’s still a few hours left of today I plan on enjoying.