TMI, or not enough I

It sucks that I can’t write about my entire life here. When it was just me and I didn’t have much going on in my life it was easy to document everything here. But now that my life is encompassing more people and the events have broader family and social ramifications, I’m finding that I can’t talk about everything that I want to.

In general, I’m a pretty private person and you normally have to pry information out of me (just ask my mom), but when it comes to this blog (and to a lesser extent my fiction) letting it all hangs out serves as a great therapuetic outlet for me. As great as this blog has been for getting my writing career off the ground, and building my name, I’ve much more enjoyed being able to work through some of the hardest and most exciting times in my life.  And as time goes on, that’s going to happen less and less and it makes me sad.

Don’t fret though, you will still get a healthy dose of my personal life mixed in with the slam-bam excitment of my writing ups and downs, but maybe just not in the amount, detail, or timeliness as before.

Some of you probably even think that is too much. But I don’t care…mostly.