Tighty Whitey

Dave White has a book coming out today and Sarah Weinman is running a web roast for him. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to write a depp and heart-felt tribute for a good writer and decent friend, or a funny, biting, take-down. But mostly I’ve just tried to avoid writing a bitter, whiny screed about how unfair it is that someone younger than myself already has a book out while I try and finish my third unpublished manuscript. But I digress.

David Montgomery had a good point though in Sarah’s blog, how do you roast a guy who makes such a boob of himself on his blog and in public? I mean that would be like roasting…well, me. But that shouldn’t stop others from digging out their best Dave White stories and make the guy blush like a little school girl.

And for the record, none of the bookstores in Ann Arbor have the book on the shelves yet which is disappointing because I wanted to see if my name is spelled right in the acknowledgements. Yeah, even as mean as I am to him, Dave still put me in his acknowledgements for all of the **cough** support I’ve provided. What a guy.