Thoughts About Baseball

I’ve been in and out of baseball interest this year as the Tigers have sucked and not been fun at all to watch. It seems though that they’ve stabalized the worst of it and might be coming around to sustained mediocrity which would be a step up at this point. All I’m asking is for one good month to keep me entertained until August when pre-season football starts.

I’ve been folling the beat writers for the Freep Press and their coverage of OTAs and minicamps and I’m getting very giddy about football season again. I love it with a giddy joy that belies the inherent masculinity in it but who cares. I’m also REALLY craving to go to a Lions game this year. After two years of seaosn tickets with Becky, we didn’t get them last year and didn’t go to any games. I don’t want to make it two years in a row I miss out on it.

It’s funny how the planning for sporting evenst differes. When I think about going to baseball games (which I’ve had no desire to do this year) it’s usually with the family and a picnic lunch and more for the atmosphere (or giveaway) than the actual games. But with football I don’t want to take the kids. For one NFL stadiums and games are not family friendly at all. Also football is much less forgiving of distractions than baseball is. I’ve never taken a book to a football game for the down times as I have to baseball games. But also football represents the freedom of a marriage before kids kids where we had nothing but time and disposable income. Kind of like going out to dinner at a restaurant with out a kids menu does.

So in summary: Tigers please don’t suck for the next month or so and if there is someone out there who would like to be my football patron please contact me post haste.