Brain not on vacation anymore, now it’s just lazy, can’t rely on it to commit to a full blog post. More thoughtlettes:

I’m starting to reach that wall in Super Mario Wii where the boards are getting harder, faster and my lack of skill is becoming harder and harder to cover up. Yet I can’t stop.

Back to working on Novel Draft Two which has been stalled for various reasons for about a month now. Wrote about 500 words of new prose that didn’t suck but thinking I may go back to the beginning and layer in some of the alternate POVs I took out a while ago.

Got a story accepted for publication at Plots With Guns and it made me realize I’m a hippocrit. I always mock writers who can’t finish anything and always move from one project to the next like mentally challenged dogs chasing shiny cars, but I’ve gone back and forth in my head about whether I should pause my work on draft two and work on short stories for a bit. So far I’ve managed to put the thoughts behind me and work on the novel, but the sirens they keep a callin’

I also briefly thought about working on something for the AHMM Black Orchid Novella Contest, but realized they want fair play mysteries and I had to remind myself I have no business plotting anything like that right now.

RAVENS by George Dawes Green is a great book. It’s not what I expected but it was very well done. At one point toward the middle I got a little bored with the plot and put it away for a couple of days, but the characters stuck with me, with their awesome little bits of personality, and I had to go back to the book and see what they were going to do.

Right now I’m reading BURY ME DEEP by Megan Abbott which I’ve let go unread for far too long. So far it’s niiiiiiiiice.

I’m intrigued by the Detroit Lions free agency signings but will reserve getting my delusional optimism up and running until the draft. I’m still very excited about the coming baseball season and still haven’t figured out why.

I still have that song from the Disney parade running through my head and it still gets me choked up wishing I was back there with my kiddies.