This, that, and the other thing

Becky and I went to see what will probably be out last movie in a theater for quite some time. We’re getting down to the wire now and the baby should be coming any time within the next couple of weeks. I think we’ve done everything we can to get ready but I’m still scared to death, but also very excited. I love looking at the little clothes we have and thinking about all of the cool stuff we’ll be able to do with him. I was at a Lions game on Saturday looking at all of the little buddies with their daddies and got very excited. We have also started getting stuff in the mail about the local school system and that’s got me thinking about our baby’s infinite possibilities as a person.

But there are still a few things I’d like to get in order before he comes. First is the Summer issue of Demolition. I’ve got a nice batch of stories I think readers will enjoy and want to make sure they get out there. I’m about 36k into the new book which is great and I’d like to get past the 40k mark just to have a nice hunk of momentum going so that it’s easier to get back to after a few weeks off if it comes to that.

Also, things are going to be changing here at this blog. I’m not exactly sure how things are going to play out, but I’m not shutting down here. This will be my home in the web universe for some time to come. I do want to keep people informed as the baby approaches (mostly to keep myself sane) and I’ll be doing that by Twitter. So if you haven’t signed up to follow me at then go do it right now. Any updates I send from the hospital will be sent to Twitter, not to this blog.

Carry on.