This is What Roughly Half of my Basement Loaded Into a Truck Looks Like


All that was missing was an old lady in a rocking chair on the back.

That junk filled 1/4 of a dumpster at the dump. I was amazed at how much stuff we were able to fit into the truck. There’s also stuff in the backseat of the cab too. The only thing that fell off on the 4 mile drive to the dump was the slide. It fell off twice and each time it broke, making it easier to put back on the truck.

While it was very satisfying to get this much junk out of the house, there is still half of of my basement full of this stuff. A lot of what’s left is cardboard boxes that I can break down and throw out with the regular trash along with two mattresses that can go with the trash as well. The rest of the junk-junk can go on July 26th which is the next time the dump is open for free for residents. In the meantime though, I’ve cleared enough stuff out of the basement to move around the rest and make it easier to clean up the floor.