This Is What Adulthood Looks Like

After I came back from the UK (and yes, I realize I still owe you a full recap of that trip) I mentioned to Becky that I wanted to act slightly more responsible and adult-like while traveling and maybe I should switch from a backpack to the sort of nice leather briefcase I’ve long craved but never had much need for. So this is how she answered that call. A gorgeous Coach leather bag and a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. I could get used to being this kind of adult. She also got me a case of hard cider because I mentioned I’d like to experiment more with that rather than craft beer that gives me heartburn. My wife is awesome.

I got her a nice watch and also had one of her favorite workout jackets embroidered with PERSONAL TRAINER on the back and her name on the front. I guess this is the fitness version of a letter jacket. I also bought her other assorted items which she told me to buy her.Sadly, for the fourth year in a row, I bought her pajamas in the wrong size and almost ruined Christmas. No more pajamas from now on.

The kids got everything they asked for and more. I’m pretty sure we bought something from every one of the advertisers on Nickelodeon. But since that also includes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and Batman Legos that I get to play with, I’m okay with that.

Hope your Christmas day was great as well.