This Is As Close As Humans Come To Hibernating

Hey, the kids have another day off of school after not having school on Monday either. Yay. I don’t mind having the kids home, mostly, but when it’s so cold like it has been lately and they can’t go outside, well that’s when it starts to get crazy for all of us. We’re out at McDonald’s now and I have my laptop so I’m able to get some work done without being too concerned that the kids are dissecting the dog somewhere in the basement.

I’m a midwestern boy born and bred and don’t usually mind the cold and snow, but it’s not even the end of January and I’m already sick of this crap. Aside from the general discomfort of being so cold and the pain of keeping the house warmer than I would like, my productivity is absolute garbage lately. All I want to do when it’s this cold is sit on the couch in front of the fireplace and nap all day. At this point, hibernating sounds like a pretty good gig and I can wake up in time for baseball season in a couple of months. Luckily we have a family vacation to Florida coming up soon so that should be enough to keep me going.

I had a great trip to New York and it looks like Becky and I got out just before they were hit with the same nasty weather we’re getting now in Michigan. While it was still cold when we were there, we were still able to be out and walk around quite a bit. We saw Book of Mormon again and Becky loved it again and we were able to see the new Times Square which I enjoyed, but I miss the Times Square I used to know that wasn’t quite as obviously a mall. Professionally I was able to have some great meetings that made me feel more connected to the publishing world than I do day-to-day in my bath robe from home.

I’ll be back again in March, then in May for Edgar Week and July for Thrillerfest, and probably some impromptu weekends throughout the year as well. So let me know if you want to meet with me and I’ll make it happen. In between trips though, the bulk of my work lately has been reading submissions and writing documents to convince my co-workers to let me buy the best of those submissions. I love the reputation that Angry Robot has because I’m getting some GREAT submissions.

P.S. While I was away from here I was still out there talking about myself and about Exhibit A. I had a fun two-part dual interview with Holly West over at Do Some Damage. You can find part one here and part two here