Things & Stuff & Such: New York City Road Trip Edition

You’ve seen the Riot Load cover, right? RIGHT? Well now I’ve added a summary to go with it so you can get an idea of what sort of trouble Dominick gets into. Again.

But before you get all geeked about Riot Load, you need to read Murder Boy. And as part of my publisher’s Big Summer Sale, you can get your very own digital copy of Murder Boy for just $2.99 at your favorite online retailer ( I know we’re supposed to be retailer neutral here and that link to my publisher provides all of the relevant buy links, but Amazon is HUGE and making their digital bestseller lists helps with visibility so  if you have a Kindle or can read Kindle books on your phone or computer I’ll add an easy link here. Don’t tell anyone, okay?).  Go buy many copies. Please. And leave a review. Pretty please.

In other news, the event at The Mysterious Bookshop went great. I had so much fun talking with Patti and seeing all of our friends and being in new York City for a book event. That’s lifetime dream stuff, folks, and I got it with my first book. I’ve had a very charmed experience so far and won’t soon forget it or the people who helped get me here. But that event officially ends my event schedule for Murder Boy so now we’re in full-on GetTheNextBookDoneASAP mode. I talked a bit about it at the event and people seem to be excited to read it.

The kids liked parts of New York City, but I think they were too young (and too suburban) to really get the full experience. It’s an inconvenient city under the best circumstances, but adding tired kids and a schlep from New Jersey to the mix proved fatal to our ultimate enjoyment of the trip. We did have some fun memories (see some of them in my Flickr album) though and the kids have cool Statue of Liberty toys, but I think it’ll be a decade or so before we return as a family. Also, if I never drive another mile in the State of New Jersey I’ll be a happy man. What a confusing stew of insanity.

Here’s a picture Jason took at the Mysterious Event. People were shocked that I looked professional and that was cool. I look high/or tired but really I was just looking in the wrong direction when Jason took the picture.