The Professional

I’m in Kansas City this weekend for the RT Bookfest. It’s fun because this is my first conference in an editorial capacity more than a writing capacity. I’ll be meeting Carina authors, meeting Carina colleagues, and drinking Carina-purchased alcohol and food. Go me. For the next little bit though I’m in my room and I’ll be taking off my editorial hat and putting on my writer hat to do some work on the urban fantasy novel. Then the author hat goes back on and I’ll be headed to the Carina author cocktail party.

I’ll be doing my prose writing, and in fact I’m doing the writing of this blog, on my iPad as it’s the only computer I brought with me. This is the first time since I’ve owned a laptop that I haven’t traveled with it and so far I love it. I didn’t have to take it out of my bag at airport security, I didn’t have to lug around a massive cord and power brick, and the lightness of it makes carrying my backpack around so much nicer. I’m starting to think I may never go back to using a laptop for anything.

So if you’re in Kansas City for the RT festival, come see me. If not, I’ll be sharing my adventures here in such vivid and entertaining detail that you’ll feel like you’re here. We’ll start with a picture from my hotel window.