The Potential for Potential

You read yesterday’s post about my Flash Fiction Challenge, right? Tell some friends. It’ll be fun. And working on my getting my fiction started right in the new year is well and good, but I need to start flexing my blogging muscles as well. For something I enjoy so much, my do those muscles clench up pretty quick without consistent work.

So, I always used to get depressed around the end of the Christmas season. It’s always been my favorite time of the year and it’s such a huge buildup to a very short period of time then all you’re left with is a whole lot of Michigan winter to go. But in the last few years I’ve started enjoying New Year’s and looking forward to the potential it affords. This year has the potential to be very good or very bad. Let’s start with the good.

I’m finally hitting my stride in crime fiction and I think I finally found the right project for my voice and skill set. I’m in the process of getting a very rough draft hammered into something sparkly that I can be proud of. The rough draft has flashes of promise and some good scenes and characters, I just have to figure out how best to tell it. I’ve taken it from a novel with a lot of characters and viewpoints and trimmed it to fewer characters and just one view point. I kept it in 3rd person though which seems to be working. I’ve also got a few short stories I want to write that could do good things for me as well. Lot’s of promise

On the family front, hopefully we’re done with the baby parade for a while and we can concentrate on having fun with the two we’ve got. Spenser is a wonderful mix and nasty vile and precious naivety. There are times I want to out him on his little riding toy and send him off to work yet every night when he goes to bed I miss him and we talk about how cute he is and the cool things he does. Holly is starting to grow a bit of a personality as well. We spent New Year’s weekend at an indoor waterpark in Ohio and it was fun to watch Spenser splash in the water and play on the slides and such. It even made traveling with two little kids almost worth it,

Now, the potential for disaster. For the time being Becky has decided not to go back to work at the bank and be a stay at home mommy. In theory a great idea, but she’s never been without a job since she was 17 and is pretty much the financial rock of our family. I think we can make it, but I always think we can make it. Sometimes I think she resents me for not being more concerned about it all, but that’s the way I’ve always been. We balance each other out nicely and I see it as my role to keep her from getting too depressed and such about it. She’s looking into some part time work more in line with the job she’d like to have (fitness, exercise, diet etc,) and I hope it works out for her to pursue that part of her life. We’ve already had to cut back our expenses, but for me that’s mostly frivolous things I don’t need anyway. We still have a house, and cars, and cable, and internet, and heat. I know both of our parents had it much worse when they were starting off.

I don’t want this to turn into one of those godawful family Christmas letters so I’ll cut out. But tell me about your potentials for greatness and for disaster this year. I love me some extremes.