The Photoshop Around The Corner

Every year brings one big thing I go hunting for on Black Friday. Last year it was a new TV, the year before that a new desktop computer. Invariably though, the deals are too good to be true if I don’t want to waste all of my time in line and I eventually find what I want for a great price at some other time of the year. This year was shaping up to be the same story.

I had my eye vaguely set upon getting either an Xbox One/PS4 or a new digital camera if the price was right. The video game system was really a pie in the sky thing because there was no real chance of the price coming down low enough to justify something that would make my life harder all around by adding substantially to the things in the house that distract me. But I was really hoping I could find something good with the camera.

Right now I have a cheap point and shoot and my iPhone 6 as primary cameras. Both are okay and downright good in perfect light, up close, but as the kids get older and I find myself wanting to take more and different photos, the lack of a good zoom on both cameras has bugged the hell out of me. One of my favorite parts of being a reporter was getting to take my own photos and I’d gotten pretty good at it and then regressed. So I’ve been looking for a new camera with awesome zoom at a reasonable price. My dream camera was a dSLR, but I’m not good enough and we’re not rich enough for me to drop $500 or more on a camera. Yet. But when we were at Target on Saturday, I came across a Nikon Coolpix L330 on sale for $99 from a regular price of $229. Bam. Bought a case, took it home, and started fooling around with it. I have A LOT to learn about this camera and it still has a few limitations, but the zoom is great and I like how it’s built and feels like a real camera, not a toy.

So here is a picture of the new camera taken with the old camera.


And here’s the first decent(ish) pic I took with it. I stylized it up a bit in Photoshop for fun and to compensate for general lack of skill.


And here’s one I took of Spenser that I really had fun with. The original coloring was crap and really bland and he had a Kool-Aid mustache that was weird looking, so I tried this. I like it. Makes me feel artsy.


I look forward to learning more about my camera every day and getting some more good shots.