The Only Time I Do Math is When I Should Be Writing

I just did a bit of on-the-fly calculation (the procrastination skills of a writer are varied, indeed) and when I type my handwritten pages into the computer, I’m cutting about 10%. This matches up with what I usually end up cutting between first and second draft because I do like to ramble, especially in dialogue. The difference here is that I’m cutting this dead weight before I get to the end of the book not after. Had I waited until the end of this draft to cut all of this, my 90k words would drop to 81k, but by writing the first draft by hand, when I hit 90k in the computer, they will be free of most of this stuff. That’s huge for me from a time saving standpoint and a quality standpoint. Previously I’ve had to cut less than I wanted or padded more than I wanted to get to an ideal word count and that’s always frustrated me so hopefully this new process alleviates that for me.